Saturday, August 1, 2009

UNO Anyone?

We played UNO last night. Just me and Mr. D. We never play UNO.

It was so much fun! We both really enjoyed playing together.

I couldn't believe how it was so nice and normal to just hang out and get along! The tv was off and everything, how special I know. LOL

(Now, I know this doesn't change things permanently or mean he can be a jerk and then be nice and everything's fine and blah blah blah, but I just thought I'd share with all you wonderful web friends/followers that I'm not always on the verge of tears and feeling like the bottom of a shoe!)

~~~Yes I'm still going to call. And I am still ever grateful for your continued support.~~~


  1. That's great! The positive has to start somewhere... and UNO is always a good place for a good few laughs. I'm glad for your fun evening! Thanks for telling us about it. ;)

  2. I think it is FABulous that you enjoyed some time together! I like being able to do ANYTHING alone with my husband! Jeez, it is hard with a house full of kids! Even having one or two small children makes it nearly impossible to have any time to yourselves!

    Regardless, I am happy that you are happy!

  3. But, I do still think you need to call!

  4. Uno is a great game. My husband loves to play games, but my brain is always too fried for games of strategy by the time we have quiet time. Uno a pretty no brainer though. I'm glad you shared a good moment with us.

    Cling to those. They are what get you through!


  5. I love waking up to this news for you Mrs. D!

    I also love that you are aware that counseling is still important!

    No matter who got the most points in the UNO game, you are a winner!

  6. so glad you had some FUN! i'm happy to hear there are some good times left to be had with you two. and also happy you're still going to do the counseling. but i think laughing and fun is just about the best therapy there is! hope you won!! ha!