Saturday, June 5, 2010

Baby News

Wanted to let you know that I had our baby girl in April! She is perfectly healthy and everything went really well. The twins love her and after a little adjusting they are now great big sisters.

My husband is pretty much ok lately. What's changed is my attitude. Namely, I know I can't change his actions but I can control how I react (or don't) to his crap.

Thanks for reading. Not sure if/when I'll post again.


  1. I was just thinking about and wondering how you were doing. I'm glad to hear mom and the girls a well.

  2. Glad for the update. Attitude change is a hard thing, but it does make a difference. I've been seeing a new counselor who is really helping me work on myself and not let the focus be on him all the time. It's sure helping reduce my stress about stuff.

    Keep loving on those kiddos! Many blessings to your family!

  3. Congratulations! So glad to hear from you! I think of you quite often!

    I admire your steadfastness and want to say that IF you ever feel like you do want to see a counselor, it is perfectly alright to go by yourself. I know you were debating that quite a while back.

    Or you could email your commenters here, I am sure.

    Many happy wishes for you!

  4. Thanks so much for updating us. So happy to hear your wonderful news. Congratulations to you all and God bless you and keep you.

  5. Are you still there Mrs. D?

    I check often to see if you have posted.

    Hope you are well!

    Keep looking to God...He is always there.